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The need for reliable, clean and affordable energy is important for people and businesses all over the world and immediate action is needed to change the world’s sources and habits to meet the UN goals for increasing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy access.


Through Solarmacht EPC (Greece) SA and Solarmacht EPC (Cyprus) Ltd, the Group is an active Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) contractor in PV projects providing turnkey solutions from engineering design, procuring the components and final installation/delivery of the project to the client.

Company Activities

The Solarmacht EPC companies provide services related to project development, engineering, construction, operations, plant optimization and sourcing of financing for photovoltaic energy production technology through an in-house team of individuals who combine significant international experience in engineering, construction and financial engineering with substantial energy market knowledge.

Solarmacht EPC (Greece) SMSA currently has over 50MW of ground mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar projects under development in Greece, with a potential pipeline of more than 200MW. By the end of 2020 it is expected that over 150 MW will be under development. Our business strategy is to cultivate positive, stable, long term relationships with landowners, external developers, investors, financial institutions and the local communities for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Solarmacht EPC (Greece) SA will continue to focus on opportunities in Greece. The group through Solarmacht EPC (Cyprus) Limited is actively investigating projects internationally and aims to invest in its first project during 2020.

Consulting Services:

Solarmacht EPC (Greece) SMSA and Solarmacht EPC (Cyprus) Limited offer a comprehensive range of consulting services to third parties for Greek and Cypriot energy projects. These include:

  • Feasibility, planning and engineering for solar and thermal power plants.
  • Consulting and due diligence for energy projects
  • Tailor made studies for existing and new market entrants.

Our team combines long-term management and consulting experience in power plant project management, engineering, construction and financing, as well as in turbine development and manufacturing.


Though Energy Linxx Ltd, the Group invests in PV projects. The Group has also investments in energy storage solutions.


Energy Linxx

Solarmacht EPC

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