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Principal of North Star Group

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nexx (UK) Limited (2016 to date)

From 1997 to 2016, Dr. Th. Priovolos was Chief Executive Officer of Niki Shipping Company S.A. During this period he has also served on the Board of several ship-holding companies and real estate development companies.

Prior to Niki Shipping Company S.A. Dr. Th. Priovolos worked at Societé Nationale Elf Aquitaine as Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President (1990-1994). He was responsible for structuring innovative financial services to independent producers, refiners and oil producing developing countries within the Trading and Shipping Group of Elf Aquitaine.

Before that, Dr. Th. Priovolos was Chief of the World Bank’s Commodity Risk Management and Finance Unit with main responsibilities the direction, supervision, development and implementation of the World Bank’s Commodity Risk Management and Finance Programme. Overall, he assisted in the institutional development of developing country organisations to undertake commodity risk management strategies. He contributed to the restructuring of developing countries debt with index transactions. He supported the World Bank’s operations to ferrous and non-ferrous loan projects and programmes and supervised and undertook research in commodity finance and risk management.

An economist by education, Dr. Th. Priovolos worked as an Economist (Commodities Division) at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (1982-1984) and as a Country Manager at Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (1977-1982).

Dr. Th. Priovolos has been contributor writer in various publications and research papers on development economics, on finance, on risk management, on the quantitative interrelation of macro and micro economics and on commodity econometric modeling.

Dr. Th. Priovolos holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, certificates towards the Diploma in International Economics from Institute of International Studies of the University of Geneva and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Lausanne and in Law & Economics from the University of Athens.

Dr. Th. Priovolos contributes funding to several non-profit organizations that promote and support studies for educational purposes, as well as to charitable foundations and institutions that support the arts and music in the UK, Switzerland and Greece. He is member of the Council of the Global Citizen Foundation.

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